What is the 30 day weight loss challenge?

How can I join?   Who can join?    Is it free?

The 30 Day weightloss challenge is a contest/challenge held every month.  You can do it with your family, co-workers or have a contest at your local gym.  You will need to purchase a 30 day program, there are NO weigh ins, you will be given a lot of support through this website, email, SKYPE or phone.  We will only support clients who use this healthy program as it has shown consistent results.

How much weight can you lose on the 30 day weightloss challenge?

This will depend on how well you stick to the program but we have seen some people lose 22 lbs in the month.

Is this program healthy?

The program is very healthy, and has been formulated by a large team of people who have made sure that the best ingredients are used.  No soy products, and all ingredients are the very best.  They will not compromise the best ingredients.

Dr. Oz recommends meal replacement shakes for safe, healthy weight loss.

The 30 day weight loss challenge uses meal replacement whey protein shakes.  They are the highest grade of whey protein that you can buy.  Other shakes that you buy in stores do not have the balanced protein, fats, vitamins and minerals that will aid in your weight loss.

Benefits to the 30 day weightloss challenge are:



  • No weigh ins or meetings
  • Superior support by phone, email or SKYPE
  • No complicated meal planning
  • Fast and easy to prepare
  • See results in 4 days.


The 30 day weight loss challenge will only use Isagenix products, which are sold here.  Because every weight loss program has different results we will only judge clients who are using this program.

What does the Isagenix program involve?  If you have more than 50 pounds to lose we suggest you purchase the 30 day program which is a fat burning, cleansing program. Isagenix has an amazing 100 lb club.  Thousands of clients have used the products and lost 100 lbs and more and appear on the walls of the Corporate office.  A contest is held 3 times a year and winners get cash, appear on stage and in magazines.  The best part is the support you have while you are on the program

30 day fat burning program

If you are interested in joining the next 30 day challenge but want more information regarding the products, prices and specials, please use our contact form.  Please let us know the amount of weight you would like to lose and what your goals are.