Yes, Isagenix products are great for Vegans and Lacto vegetarians.  Read this Vegan and Lacto vegetarian report.

Please call to order or click on the image below to go directly to the website to buy the non dairy Vegan shake.

***UPDATE *** Isagenix now has a dairy free, Vegan shake.  It sold out in 3 days.

Isagenix is proud to introduce IsaLean® Shake Natural Berry Harvest, our first dairy-free plant-based shake. The shake features Phyto-IsaLean Complex™, a blend of natural pea and hemp protein to maintain and build lean muscle while supporting healthy weight management. At only 250 calories, easy to digest and loaded with 22 grams of high-quality pea and hemp protein, the Natural Berry Harvest Shake is a nutrient-packed meal replacement that’s ideal for those living a vegetarian, vegan or dairy-free lifestyle.


Isagenix vegan shake







If you live in the Burlington area, try this great shop called Kind Food a Vegan Restaurant and Gluten free Bakery

kind food burlington ontario

Isagenix does recommend organic products so this is the perfect place to shop.  We have great recipes for our shakes that include organic peanut butter.  If you want recipes let us know.

Vegans and Lacto vegetarians love Isagenix, try it as it does have a money back guarantee.  But you will be so thrilled with the results you will be telling all your friends

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