against all grain

Against all Grain

I bought this book as I am turning a new leaf with my health and eliminating more food items that could be bothering my stomach or my health in general. I love finding new and interesting recipes and more uses for coconut milk and oil.

I bought this book and was disappointed that the calories are not listed with the recipes. I finally found them at the back of the book which is frustrating. Have you read Against all grain? What is your favourite recipe? What blender do you use? I am thinking of buying a better one but there are so many to choose from.

against all grainLove the tuna salad recipe but what the heck are salted pepitas?  Glad you can prepare the tuna recipe and keep for 3 days and the warm taco salad got my eye as well.  I love to have a little spice.  My husband brought a ton of turmeric back from India.  Now to find recipes with lots of that would be nice.

The reason I bought this darn book is because the first page I opened was a strawberry shortcake with whipped coconut cream.  Way to go!!  I was at Starbucks and was so hungry.  May be that is why the cook books are so close to the Starbucks store.  Now if they had scratch and sniff I would be in trouble.

Leftover chicken recipe or turkey.  If you eat turkey twice a year like us this recipe is great.

Love her words to avoid chart….like xanthan and guar gum and carrageenan.  Why don’t they just have a label that says if there is more than 10 ingredients and they start with salt or corn syrup/starch/dextrose etc…back away from the package

Well time to leave against the grain and find myself a good blender to make my first batch of almond milk.  Let me know how you liked the book and what recipes you have made

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If you live in the Burlington area, try this great shop called Kind Food a Vegan Restaurant and Gluten free Bakery

kind food burlington ontario

Isagenix does recommend organic products so this is the perfect place to shop.  We have great recipes for our shakes that include organic peanut butter.  If you want recipes let us know.

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How to be Vegan


For vegans and lacto vegetarians

The “wheat belly” syndrome. Have you heard about it? It was news to me until I tried to lose weight and it would not come off my stomach. Another annoying symptom was having a swollen stomach and always feeling full, yet I had not eaten that much. Going on a gluten free diet is the answer.

In the movie Hungry for change, and in every book I see at the book store lately, suggests that more and more people need to try eating a gluten free diet. I am seeing product shows that concentrate on gluten free products.

The program I suggest if you are trying to lose weight is Isagenix , not only is it gluten free, it is also lactose free, barley and wheat free. I am using it now with great success.

Meet my friend Craig.  He won the Isabody Challenge with Isagenix for 2012.  He asked his boss if he knew of anything that could boost his energy.  Little did he know that it would lead to this amazing journey.  Not only did he lose weight, he gained energy and FAME too.  He appeared on stage and received a big cheque and now appears in catalog’s and on websites.  I am sure you will agree, when you see his video that it was worth it.

This is Craig’s journey:

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I always remember my husbands favourite saying

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

It is so true, we try the same old diets, joining the gym in January with great intentions, promising ourselves that this is going to be the year we start taking control and what happens?? If you do not have the right support you will fail – Diets do not work – you need to listen to these videos and decide ONCE and for all you are going to do it. You will not procrastinate. So contact me now – I am not a sales person – far from it. I am an overweight woman who wants to help men, women, couples and even children to learn how to change their lifestyle.

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If you are all ready to set some weight loss goals for 2011, I can help it is never too late.

In order to lose weight you must set realistic goals.  It has taken months, and in most cases, years for you to have gained the weight.

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