Just wanted to post an update on my weight loss with Isagenix.  I have now lost 26 (update 32 35 pounds) as of January 2011 and 21 inches.  Weight loss seemed like a huge challenge for me but I can not believe how easy it has been.  I have been chatting on my facebook group called 30 day weight loss challenge.  Hope you will drop by and say hello.

There are such great prizes for losing weight and a great incentive. Lots of money to buy a new wardrobe.

Hope you will also check out my weightloss youtube videos to follow me through my journey.

**UPDATE **  I have not updated this page.  I lost 60 lbs and have now just entered the Isabody Weight loss challenge.  Look at Craig from B.C. Canada.  What a transformation and such an inspiration for others.  Join the Isabody Challenge with me, keep yourself accountable, meet new friends, win cash and prizes.  Use the order button below and start 2013 Happy, healthy, and maybe even wealthy too

isagenix weight loss challenge

In order to enter the Isabody challenge, you must be using the products.  I can recommend what you will need.  You can email or phone me.  Let’s do this together.  Order now:

Want to see more winners of the Isabody Challenge.  Contact me for more information.

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